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Fares and Hours of Service
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Below are the current services that South Central Transit offers the area.  Should you have any service questions, ideas for a new service, or are interested in a service presentation, contact Sherri, Director of Marketing/Customer Service.

Current Fare Schedule

SCT is dedicated to meeting the needs of the disabled community. Our drivers undergo sensitivity and passenger relations training as well as training in evacuating elderly and disabled passengers. Individual instruction sessions in using the services of South Central Transit can be arranged for persons with disabilities by contacting our office at 800-660-7433.

Suggestions for improvements in our services for the disabled are always welcome. Please contact us at 800-660-7433.

Aides for persons with disabilities may accompany a paying passenger at no extra charge if the aide provides door-to-door assistance for the passenger. Service animals are allowed to assist a passenger with his/her disability. Passengers needing mobility aids must provide their own. SCT complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by attempting to accommodate all wheelchair and mobility aids in common use (including Amigas and other scooter-style devices).

Many SCT vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts and tie-downs for persons with mobility impairments. Inform our Scheduling/Dispatching department of your special needs when scheduling transportation.

Our Buses

South Central Transit offers buses with air-conditioning, heating, air-ride suspension, and emergency equipment.
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Cash/or Money Card Fares - inside city limits of the cities SCT serves

Seniors (60 & over)                $.  50
(except Mt. Vernon, Wash Co & Clinton Co which are subsidized by senior agencies)
Adults (18-59)                        $2.00
Children (5-17)                       $2.00
Children 4 and under ride free with adult    ------
Disability with ID                     $.  50 (must show ID at every boarding)
Military/Veteran                      $.  50 (see below for details)
Same day service                   $5.00
No Show                                 $4.00
Late Cancellation                    $4.00
Excessive Cancellations         $2.00 per
Marion Co Court Shuttle        $2.00 one way or $3.00 round trip
Scott-Shiloh Shuttle               $2.00 one way
Door to Shuttle Nearest Shuttle Stop        $.50
Shuttle Fare County               $2.00

SCT Money Card for Adult/Child - Card can be purchased in full or in part.  This card will be good for all services provided by SCT and is non-expiring.  Each card contains 2-$10.00 squares for purchase and 1-$30.00 square for purchase for a total of $50.00.  No further purchase discount will be given for Children/Adults other than below.   
*****Clients who purchase the entire card will receive $8.00 in additional monies via card value. They will receive 4 additional $1.00 squares and 8 additional $.50 squares for a total of $8.00 in discounts.

SCT Money Card for Military, Veterans, Disabled and Seniors - No discount will be given on the $10.00 squares.  The $30.00 square will be discounted to $15.00 for Military, Veterans, Disabled and Seniors :
Persons w/Disabilities   
***Client will be responsible to show State issued Disability ID along with money card each time he/she boards
***Client will be responsible to show Papers or ID along with money card each time he/she boards
Senior (60 & over)   
    ***Client will be responsible to show ID along with money card each time he/she boards
*****All the above who purchase the entire card will also receive $8.00 in additional monies via card value. They will receive 4 additional $1.00 squares and 8 additional $.50 squares for a total of $8.00 in discounts.

Outstanding Fees - money card can be used to pay any outstanding fees.
Passes - will no longer be available.   ***We will continue with monthly passes for school children through the 2012-2013 school year.  For those currently paying daily, they will be expected to either pay cash or purchase a money card when it goes into effect. 
Ticket Booklets - will no longer be available.
Round Trip Payment - will no longer be accepted for any service.
General Public County Services - scheduled from curb/door to destination
Countywide Service within any SCT county from curb/door  - $10.00 per trip per person
SCT County to adjoining SCT County from curb/door - $20.00 per trip per person

$50.00 Money Card